Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dog-Gone PCS

Little golden with the big brown eyes is cuddling next to me. She's not ours, but our buddy is having a gal's vaca someplace hot and tequila-fueled, so DH and I got to borrow her. She's just the best little working-at-home-helper ever.

The dog-sitting begs the question: does the Army have a puppy-crisis?

The stories are everywhere. My friend married just before a deployment and divorced just before he came home. His new/old wife gave his pitbull away before he returned to the USA. He was devastated. Short-term deployments, like vacations, mean having friends as awesome as us, boarding the pup, or trusting your roommate or significant other not to abandon them to the SPCA. Dog companions are almost as complex to manage as babies while being married to the military.

And look what I found: an organization called Dogs on Deployment with the express mission to help soldiers board their pets in the face of deployment and Permanent Change of Stations.

"Dogs on Deployment promotes responsible pet-ownership and the military-pet community by providing an online resource for military members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets while they're on deployment."

So the next time you're boxing up your life while Lassi watches, you can drop her off with us...or call in the Dog Deployment Cavalry!

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