Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Self Storage

One thing I never anticipated having in my life was a self-storage unit. Despite moving between locations every 6 months or so in my early 20's for college and internships and international travel experiences, my stuff stayed where it was housed...with my parents.

In fact, when dude told me about his self-storage unit the first thing that came to my mind was the Charlie King album I was in love with as a tween and his song titled "Self Storage"
Did you ever start to wonder how you'd ever get by/ 
When the cookie jar is empty and the pie is in the sky? 
When the trickle-down is fickle...? Found a homegrown freemarket solution...
Just an old abandoned factory but the paint was bright and new/ Just an old abandoned factory/ Where you once could earn a buck/Until the firm ran out of country and the workers out of luck...
$8 bucks a month/Self Storage

It is a radical song where the singer is advocating a policy solution for the old, the sick, the poor to check into only place the free market has left priced at self-sustaining affordability: self storage for $8/month. He sings about being these folk being forced out of the middle-class; losing their jobs, houses, and future. Charlie King lyrically wrings out the economic turmoil of the late 1980's...and, my, how times have changed. Oh not the corporate greed or neoliberal globalization but the prices! My dude has been paying $60/month for the past 7 years for his self-storage.

Army definitely turns the boys into men, and the men into adults. Having one's own self-storage unit has a myriad of benefits for your average military dude and that carries into Military family life down the road.
#1: Always having someplace for the moving van to deliver to and your friends/troubled soldiers to stash their belongings while deployed or escaping bad situations.
#2: Supporting a local business.
#3: Alleviating the burden on parents and family members. My mom moved my stuff twice by herself and claims that that was two times too many.
#4: Freaking out your new Army wife when she does the math and realizes that if we were better organized, we could save $720/year plus the $10.01, 1.90 Grozny, and 2.30euro we discovered mixed in with the boxes of old bowling trophies.

We might go back to renting a self-storage unit in the future. When/if that Permanent Change of Station (PCS) comes a-calling. Where the private sector lifts it's lamp beside the factory door... as the song goes. But for now, we're conserving every Grozny we can find and shutting the 4"x4" door behind us.

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  1. It's amazing what gets tucked away in boxes and shelves. My coin collection survived the last evacuation of my room. Self-storage may be the next step—the coins are probably worth fifty dollars, but the amount of fossil fuel it took to transport them from countries around the world was probably doubt or triple their face value.

    Paul |