Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things to do with a wedding dress

Inspired by this article "Union Bride Auctions Wedding Gown on eBay for Protest Fund"...
Union Bride

By Cynthia McCabe

"Remember the bride who, along with her groom, braved snow and an imminent wedding to protest alongside tens of thousands in Madison, Wisc., on behalf of public school teachers and other American workers a couple weeks ago?

Now she’s auctioning off on eBay the gown made famous on websites including this one and and the news, and donating all of the proceeds to a fund established to aid citizens protesting the attacks on the American worker and middle class."

Because I've been thinking how fun it would be to have a Wedding Dress dinner or brunch in honor of Marriage Equality. We live in North Carolina, a state currently without equal rights for all citizens. And despite the fact that an average marriage license is only $30-$60 pretty much anywhere in the good ole' USofA, I was determined not to give a penny to any state that didn't let everyone get married. So we got hitched in New York State. Twice. 

Inviting of my favorite 30 or so people all dressed in white to march over to the County Clerks and demand equal rights for lovers seems like a piece of cake. 

Want to don the gown? Would you join me?


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