Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Viking Ritual with Tank and other links for your linking pleasure

Sometimes, all we feel like doing is watching a bunch of Scandinavian studs re-enact key scenes from classic Broadway musicals.  You probably have days like that, too- in which case, you've come to the right place.  Behold, the Swedish Marines.

Want some more?  Yes you do.  After the jump, you little minx!  It gets better...

Get carded!  This video was produced by the Department of Defense and features two dudes shoppin' at the commissary.  It's baffling to think that, until recently, something as simple as a family trip to the grocery store was a privilege denied to so many of us.  Considering that some posts have few grocery options nearby, the commissary is more of a necessity than a convenience.  (Except on payday.  That is a total punishment let me tell you.  We should use that as a punishment!  Major Smith you totally f ed up that war briefing, or whatever an actual task might be called, so you will have to buy your food at the comm on payday.  Dismissed.)

We think there might be some kind of gay stereotype joke about the commissary stocking more gluten-free products or Dos Equis now but this is an enlightened blog so we'll refrain.

Last but not least, close out this window if you're at work, you slacker!  Unless you work at the National Advocacy Center for Undersexed Milspouses (Dong Dept.)  In that case, carry on, sir/maam/bro/yall.  PS you do not work at the NACfUM*DD bc Charlie just made that up.  (Did you know they're carrying gluten-free Dos Equis at the comm now?)

Anyhow, we thought this was extremely hetrocentrist, and yet hilarious, so here you go.  If you get fired for watching videos at work, stay tuned for our series on self-employment and don't say we didn't warn you!

We don't expect you to believe this but we're actually going somewhere with this last one.  Method to the madness, as they say.  We've been thinking a lot lately about deployment- and what it means for your sex life.  For many badasses and their partners, deployment means months (and months) with no sex whatsoever.  Everybody's different, of course, but for some of us, that's a major adjustment.  Stay tuned (and stay clothed.  or whatever) for future posts about sex and the separated!  For now, we will just suggest that cable television do a solid to support troops and their horny, deprived partners and show as much naughtiness as possible.  Meanwhile, we're working on a list of the top-ten most nakedest, graphic sex scene-nest, most naughty movies to watch with or without a partner.  We'll take suggestions (but not reprimands) in the comment section!

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