Thursday, January 2, 2014

We're On TV!!!

We're frequently asked what the hell we do with our Saturday nights, snow days, fake sick days, and tv-at-work-bc-who-gives-a-shit days now that our favorite fake army show has been canceled.
(answer follows the jump)

(We're not sure why no one ever asks if we watched the show when it was actually on.)

(The answer is no.  We did not know about this show.)

Anyway, back to more pressing concerns- well, now that CJ, Pam, Roxy, and Denise have dispersed- we heard they're going to play the neighbors on AHS- Coven- that's true, right?  Tell me it's true.

Now that AW is AWOL, we watch...other tv shows.  A lot of them.  Like, tons.  Guess what, folks?  There are more shows with camo-wearin' characters and the people who sex them...It's true!

Amazingly, one of my fave shows evar features a military romance storyline.  You know I'm talking about Ryan and Amber on Parenthood.  You were prob waiting for me to bring that shit up.

Gotta be honest- I have been hooked on P-hood ever since I had the flu (or just some free time, who knows) a while ago and never really thought much about the military aspect- the grandfather is a Vietnam vet who meets Ryan while (reluctantly) volunteering with wounded soldiers.  That is, I never noticed until the most recent episode, when Ryber's wedding plans are dramatically altered due to his career...or something like that.  As excited as I am, I don't want to spoil it for you.

All I can say right now is that from my couch, there was way more military reality in this episode than in an entire season of AW.  Don't tell them I said that- but anyhow- just watch the flippin show so we can talk about how totally resonant it is.  I'll give you a link (click the vid above) and a few days.


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