Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Responsible Shopping: Heroic Happy Hour

Supporting Veteran Businesses:  Now in convenient liquid form!

Inspired by Three Reasons to Buy Veteran, an encouraging article posted by our friends at MilitarySpouse.  Great idea!  We read the article, we felt encouraged, and then we tried to find vet-owned businesses and vet-made products.  The initial search results were discouraging- we'll spare you the link, this time.  Let's just say there are a lot of junk websites with various permutations of Veteran, Business, etc.

All that clicking made us thirsty...and then we got an idea.  Actually, we're a little mortified that this didn't occur to us first!  Like many of our adventures, we'll start with a libation.

Heroes Vodka:  Like camo, it goes with everything!  Skip the confusion with the Russian vodka boycott and support your fellow Americans instead.

Veteran Beer Company:  Not a fan of the hard stuff?  We get that.  VBC is only sold in a few states right now but you can buy the gear online- just don't wear it on post.  Bonus:  You can help out the company by encouraging your local stores to carry it.  You need another project, anyway.  Yes, you do.

So Many Choices! has this awesome article that lists enough vet-friendly beer companies to stock many, many parties.

Do your part to fight back against evil corporations and decrease the carbon footprint associated with imported beer.  The holiday season can be stressful, so start off the slog by toasting to a good cause.  Don't overdo it, though- hangovers suck!

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