Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is it trite to say Happy Hump Day?

Seasonal?  Reasonable.  photo credit: c
I can say this, right?  Winter holidays are the only ones I decorate for.  I don't even feel bad about it.  Not really, anyway.  You guys, seriously, if you knew me you'd know that it's a waste of time to check for scarecrows in my front yard or dried up corns (whatever those are called) nailed to my door or season flags or stickers on my mailbox.  The residents of Chez Echo are otherwise occupied.  (with gossiping and candy crush- shh, GI Echo).  Anyhow, the military decided that it would be a good thing for us to live in a part of the country where people have wreaths on their doors 12 months out of the year and my partner decided that we should live in a neighborhood where it's pretty much mandatory.  Like, people will bring you casseroles if you don't have dried up corn nailed to your door because only a very sick person would neglect to nail dried up corn to their door.  Where do they even get that crap?  The corn, I mean.  I won't get into the local mindset because we have already talked about my culture shock issues.

you need at least two squash pics.  photo credit: c
Anyhow.  this made me laugh.  Um, don't read it if you're at work and not supposed to be dicking around on blogs all day.

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