Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking Out Christmas (with an Army)

Dear Santa-fanz,
My sincerest apologies in advance. I am not only a Scrooge but I'm also a Jew and as such, Christmas in all its bright lights and annoying Salvation Army bell-ringing leaves me cold. The cookies are great, don't get me wrong, and yeah, there is probably not a prettier sight in the world than a snow-covered Swiss village decked to the halls. But I've never really thought about ending the institution. 

Thankfully, Mother Jones has been there and DONE THAT.

Consider this excerpt from Tim Murphy's article my little grenade present under the tree. And a Merry Christmas to all!

And I quote...
Special ops: Why not? Let us count the ways: "I cannot think of too many worse environments to infiltrate and then exfiltrate from than the North Pole," says Andrew Exum, a former special adviser for Middle East policy at the Department of Defense who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I have no idea how many elves would remain loyal to Santa Claus, but given the open terrain, you would probably want to surround Santa's workshop with at least a company of Army Rangers before sending in a team from one of our special missions units to capture or kill Santa himself. That's 150 to 200 men right there that would have to make their way to one of the most remote locations on Earth, carry out a very difficult mission in low visibility and freezing temperatures, and then march back out. As much as I love and admire our special operations forces, that's a huge ask."
Read the whole battle plan here.

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