Monday, December 9, 2013

You Are Not the Intended Audience

Hey, MilSpouse, I like you. I feel like we can really talk. Connect. 

And I know soImarriedanarmyguy are the new kids on the MilSpouse blogger block but...I really wonder who the Military thinks they're talking to when they think they're talking to me?

This question is thematic on the topic of getting dressed like an adult at MilBalls and Commissaries and all that. As well as trying to analyze whether other-than-child-and-maternal-health-related on-Post support programs really exist for MilSpouses. 

Because I am as close to an adult, professional-type person with experience and fancy framed certificates as one can get without being a doctor. 

Because when I read "Today's Military Wife Handbook: 6th Edition" I finish skimming in <3 hours and I'm bored the whole way through. 

Because when I sit through a 5 hour-long Power Point from the perky Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) volunteer or the Family Readiness Group staff on how to be a leader, the main points are 1) wear clothes and don't drool on yourself in public, 2) be friendly, 3) know your place and PR value to the Army.  

Because when I read most  #armybratsrock #makeuptipsdujour #patriotwifegames :throws up quietly: MilSpouse blogs, I realize more and more that I am not the intended audience.

And I'm betting neither are you. Why are educated, talented MilSpouses not more widely represented in This Man's Army?

Who out there can really speak to us?

And WTF?! Five HOURS of Power Point? MWR you ought to be ASHAMED. You could've done a self-paced webinar with a Happy Hour meet-up afterward for real dialogue and not wasted my work-hours.

Where can we spouses go for some real leadership training? Are there seminars on Leadership at the War College that we can audit? Seems like more my kinda crowd.

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