Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bleeding heart hemorrhages at exposure to Womack's "Green" Practices

What is wrong with this picture?

We've had an eventful December in the Bravo Familia with not one, but two hospital stays. Our first foray in modern medical practices was at a classy research hospital with restaurant-quality in-room meal delivery options, recycling bins in every corridor, and 24-hour access to fresh fruit and sushi at their on-premise bistro. 

The second hospital visit was an emergency trip 15-minutes up the road to Womack Army Medical Center commencing at 0000/12AM on Christmas Day. 

When it comes to hospitals, clearly the quality of care completely trumps the quality of food + the availability of healthy lifestyle options combined. We had GREAT care at Womack Army Medical Center. The ER staff were quick, professional, caring, and had the most positive attitudes despite missing what I imagine is an important holiday for most workers there. And then we had EVEN BETTER care from the surgical team and mostly amazing care from the nursing staff during our multi-day stay. 
Socialized medicine FOR THE WIN. 

Close-up of the Blue Ribbon Bistro sign

And now for the F- grade in dining facilities. These are actual photos taken in the Womack Hospital Blue Ribbon Bistro. The grammar in the sign above hurts my brain. Near as can be reckoned this sign is actually advocating for a reduction in the use of what is commonly referred to as Styrofoam containers by cafeteria customers. Not that it says that actually but...

The problem is that the ONLY option for food containers in the Womack Blue Ribbon Bistro is styrofoam. Hot food- styrofoam. Salad bar- styrofoam. The coffee cups are foam-wrapped. The utensils are plastic and come from dispensers...which is positive, because then at least the plastic utensils aren't also wrapped in plastic. Ehem, not a huge win.

Womack does not have any mechanism for styrofoam recycling. Styrofoam recycling, just FYI, does actually exist and is a thing. In fact, Moore County, NC, has a manufacturing plant that will take and recycle clean, bulk quantities of styrofoam. There are two recycling containers just before you hit the exit but they are only for aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

And speaking of huge-NOT-wins...check out the OTHER sign above. 

Yes, treehuggers and coffee-addicts alike are right to be completely alienated by this one. In fact, this sign is legitimately a two-fer: Womack allegedly wants you to reduce your use of styrofoam WITHOUT ANY OTHER OPTIONS, including BYO containers; and yet they are firmly committed to ensuring that you pay them for all the caffeine you will have access to at their Bistro. 

HELP! Won't someone give Womack some planet-saving medical attention?! My bleeding heart is hemorrhaging here.

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