Friday, December 6, 2013

What would you ask a General?


My dude tells me that I may get to meet some General Muckety-Muck* who wants to talk with spouses because he is interested in "how the enlisted (wives/husbands/ze) in his Battalion are doing..."

And I'm like..."How am I doing?"

I mean, what questions do I, a MilSpouse of >2 months, have for a General? Each one I think of sounds progressively more lame.

Hey Generalisimo, why you wanna close the Commissaries?
(Short answer: DoD is in charge of that, not Generalisimo)

Hey Generalisimo, are there non-Military Industrial Complex jobs for spouses with MA degrees?
(Short answer: a) all Medical fields, b) all GSA positions- see Sequestration, c) no, not for anti-Halliburton activists)

Hey Generalisimo, hubby and I are fine for now but the draw-down ex-soldiers are getting dicked over on their Veterans Affairs medical benefits. Aren't you concerned?
(Points for topically political & relevant but I have no stats or even a specific example from his own Battalion)

Help me, Rhonda!* Got questions?



*names have been changed to protect the powerful

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